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Introducing an exquisite blown glass collection. These stunning pieces are the result of the careful and skilled artistry of talented glassblowers who have poured their heart and soul into each unique creation.

Our collection features a diverse range of glass pieces, from elegant vases to striking sculptures, each one handcrafted with precision and care using techniques such as marbling and fusing to create intricate patterns and designs. These glass pieces are perfect for customers searching for unique home decor or special gifts.

Our blown glass collection is not only beautiful but also functional and durable, making them perfect for both display and practical use. The diverse range of colours, sizes, and styles available ensures that there is something for everyone in this stunning collection.

Discover our exquisite blown glass collection today and bring the beauty of expertly handcrafted glass into your home. Shop now and enjoy the carefully crafted designs that our glassblowers have created with their exceptional talent and passion.

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  • "Fluid Dynamics" Wind Element Kirsten Marie Blown Glass
    Kirsten Marie Glass
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