Wallpaper Trends 2020/2021

Wallpaper Trends 2020/2021

Getting lost down an “internet” hole can be exhausting, and also exhilarating. Finding the latest tech, research and styles can inspire us to change ourselves both inside and out. One thing that creates a rush of inspiration is by changing the spaces in your home. You can paint an old dresser, rip out your carpet, or wallpaper your walls to make a statement. When it comes to changing your walls, here are some trends that can really inspire and reinvent your space.

Hand Drawn Art

Imagine being surrounded by bold line drawings or vibrant watercolour mixes? Nowadays, anything can be printed onto wallpaper. You can find prints and patterns that have been created by hand, not done digitally by a computer. Covering your walls (or just one wall) with this type of wallpaper art has the ability to spark creativity and ingenuity, reflecting your own uniqueness.  Here is a bonus: if you are an artist yourself, you can even have your own art printed onto wallpaper!


The four walls that surround us shouldn’t always be limited to flat, 2-dimensional paper. Covering your walls with textured wallpaper that changes shade and depth can add a certain amount of sophistication to any space. Whether you want a rustic brick wall, shiplap wood or even raised geometric designs, consider this trend for a larger space, and see how effectively it reinvents the ambience.

Deep Gem Tones

The juiciness of a royal blue, deep sea green or deep cabernet red are often shied away from when considering colours for an entire room. These gem tones are definitely a statement, but can transform your space and highlight a certain elegance in your home. These vibrant colours can always be used on the ceiling or on a feature wall. Consider where your light source is when choosing a feature wall. You want to avoid these deep gem tones in any darker areas of the room, as they will make it look smaller. Try to wallpaper your feature wall, or entire room, if there is ample lighting, specifically warm, natural light.

These are just a few trends that are evolving quickly in a world of wallpaper. Make sure to take the time to see as many designs as you can, and though trends are a good place to start, go with our gut. My advice, don’t let anyone talk you out of a design or style that makes you feel inspired and reinvented. Be bold and make your space the best place for you!